Privacy Policy

Our company is committed to respecting regulatory and ethical provisions with regards protecting personal information, such as those contained in the FEVAD (French mail order and e-commerce association) regulations, within the context of the French Data Protection Act.

These regulations ensure your information is handled in complete transparency and in line with these provisions.


Cookies and information collected while browsing


When you visit a website, the server writes a small file, a cookie, to your hard drive with certain information stored on it. It primarily helps to improve your experience the next time you visit the website and to personalise the pages you view.

You can deactivate this function, but will no longer have access to some websites or parts thereof.

You can also deactivate cookies on your hard drive through your computer's browser or explorer after viewing a website that uses them.

Karin Herzog France uses cookies for technical reasons, to make it easier for you to browse our website, to help you benefit from special prices you may be entitled to and to avoid you having to re-enter your details each time.

You are not exposing yourself to any risk by accepting this system. In fact, we do not store any personal information without informing you first. The details you enter (full name, email, preferences, etc.) are recorded in order to supply you with the requested product.


Data stored by Karin HerzogFrance


When you order, we will only ask for information (full name, address, email) that is essential for ensuring that your order is efficiently processed and carefully tracked. The details you enter online are recorded on a secure server and immediately encrypted. We store your full name, postal address, latest payments and orders as these are essential for managing your order and our business relations.


If you choose to communicate them to us, we also store your date of birth, telephone number, email address and bank or credit card number.


Right to refuse the recording of your details


We need to request a certain amount of information from you in order to best organise our business relations and provide the service you expect.

On each form for collecting personal details, we identify the details that are essential for managing your request as well as the consequences should you not wish to provide them (inability to process your request: order, payment, registration, etc.).


Karin Herzog France offers 


We will propose special services or offers, by email only, if you have accepted this option.

If you do not want to receive offers by email, simply email us with your request at [email protected]


Sharing of your details


We undertake not to share any of your personal details.

We may send you offers on behalf of partner companies (by mail, telephone or email if you have accepted this).

The only personal details we may provide to third parties are your full name and address. No other information will be given.

If you do not wish to be contacted, you can notify us of your choice in writing (mail or e-mail), providing your full name and address. Refusing to allow your details to be shared will not affect your order.

We will never provide your email address to other companies.




If you want to receive fewer advertising emails, you can register free of charge on the e-robinson list which enables you to block emails from companies with whom you are not a customer.

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